So, I’m going to a basketball game…

I am not known to anyone as an avid hoops watcher. In fact, I generally roll my eyes when my boss and a guy from the factory talk about the latest win or loss, but despite this, I’m going to a U.K. Basketball game.

I’m getting excited…a few hours ago, I was debating really whether I wanted to go or watch American Idol, but you know what? In my college career I attended amount of basketball games. Pretty, bad, huh? And I always say, I want to go to a U.K. game, cause I never had the chance. Well now I have a chance. My friend Tina works for U.K., so she gets tix for her and a friend (Please don’t ask me if I can get tickets for you, by the way). I wanted to go with her, cause she asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told her to go to a game. So, I guess this is one of the last chances I’ll get this year. Let’s hope Tubby’s boys pull it through tonight. It would suck to go to perhaps my first basketball game to see them lose.


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