Sunday afternoon

I have been terribly lazy and unproductive today (but it is about to change). I did start organizing some of my beads for next weekend. I am going to be going to Murray for a visit and a party. I’m visiting Kristin (Hill) Taylor. We’re going to have a crafty Valentine party and I’m going to be taking some of my beads and stuff to sell and for people to make their own jewelry. Should be fun. I need to get all my bead boxes organized. I spent 2 hours doing it today. Organizing beads is really time consuming. I did it today while I watched Home Alone – yes, while watching Home Alone. I really do think that is a cute movie and Macauley Culkin was so cute. Too bad he had such a fall out from it.

So, I took a bath and then fell back asleep. Remember, I said I was terribly unproductive. I don’t feel too guilty about it, but I do with I had a little more motivation. I just think crafting late night during the week and staying up too late really throws me for a loop, so I catch up on the weekends.

I will tell you this, though, waking up to the sounds of Beloved (that failed Oprah Winfrey movie), is quite bizarre. I even started watching a little bit of it and that was bizarre as well. The sounds and dialogue sounds just plain awful!!

So, I think I am going to go to Fazoli’s and Kroger now. Might craft a little at Fazoli’s. I have to get out of this apartment for a little while and I think now would be the perfect time with the super bowl and all.

By the way, my team was accepted for the preliminaries for the Pop Culture contest, so I’m very excited. I don’t know how much details I should share on here, but if you ask me when I see you, I will tell you all about it 🙂


  1. Anonymous says

    I’m a closet Home Alone fan, for sure. I even liked the second one, but I haven’t seen any of the others.
    As far as Beloved, I do remember that being super-freaky. I saw it in the theater and haven’t really thought about it since. It isn’t entirely suckage, but I think I remember liking parts of, if not all of it. -x- CC

  2. Anonymous says

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