Future FOUND magazine subject?

Last night, I went to Common Grounds, a coffee shop in Downtown Lex. It was a pretty neat place. They had an area that was solely the little tables set up to talk, an area that was for laptop/wifi enthusiasts, a game room to talk and play board games, and a lounge area. It is funny how all coffee shops are different in this kinda way.

I went by myself, since I had been feeling down and didn’t want to spend a Friday night in. I got a Frapaccino and bagel. It was good. See, this is the weird thing about me. I get nervous when I’m at these type of places, if I have never been there before. And since I go by myself, it is up to me to totally navigate the situation myself. So everything from ordering my drink, to finding the supplies,to finding my way to fit in without looking like a total dork is up to me. I am self-conscience in these situations, which is understandable.

I sat around for a while, trying to read my latest issue of Jane Magazine, but the lighting just was not happening. I could only look at the pics, only unless I wanted to stunt my eyesight. So, I wrote on a piece of napkin random thoughts about the experience. Sometimes I do this as a blog topic starter, sometimes out of boredom. Just as a way to observe. All these things I wrote on there would have been a great thing for some random person to find and submit to Found Magazine.

I ended up going to the lounge area to read my magazine and sat in oversized stuffed leather chair. I people watched, and I guess people watched me, which as a singleton is a way of putting myself out there, but the annoyance of the smell coming from the bathroom down the hall wasn’t pleasant.

I guess I’ll go back. I really would like to find my own “dive”, and no bars need apply. Maybe I just won’t sit in the big leather lounge chair next to the bathrooms next time.


  1. Anonymous says

    Ican’t believe we never went there. I LIVED there in high school and college. My ex DJ lived across the street and we would hang out there as easily (if not more easily as his place sort of sucked and was always messy) as his living room. We’ll go next time I;m in town. They have good chicken salad that my friends and I used to skip 3rd period to go eat. -CC

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