I moved some stuff

It is interesting how moving something that has been sitting in the middle of the floor can really make you feel better. I moved this big hunk o’ scrapbook stuff from my living room to my office. Now my office is messier (already a mess), but it can be a self-contained mess, instead of an out in the open mess. I’ve cleaned this office thoroughly twice. Maybe I should make that 3.

I keep intending to watch the past two episodes of Project Runway, but it is never on! Why is it that when I don’t want to watch it, I see the rerun on Bravo! like 10 times, but when I do want to watch it, Kathy Griffin’s Life on the D List is on. It just doesn’t seem right. Same goes for those darn MTV shows.

I watched the Oscars two nights ago. Some of the highlights for me was Steve Carrell in fake eyelashes, Dolly Parton, and just seeing the dresses. I really do enjoy that “glamourous” lifestyle, though I consider myself far from “glamourous”. It would be fun for one night to dress up and feel truly on top of the world. Even when I do get dressed up to go out, I still feel a little off the mark. Does that make sense? Like, my shoes aren’t exactly perfect or I didn’t have the right accessories. I would love to be perfectly coifed…go to the spa, get the full body massage, have my hair done and nails did. That would be the life. I guess thats what wedding days are for for normal people, huh?

My side ventures are going pretty well. I sold something on Etsy today (yay), and last month I made $40 on cafepress, this month $13 so far. I am excited about the possibilities. The more stuff I put up, the more potential to sell stuff. Cafepress is really the easiest thing someone can do to make a little extra money. You just post your images and they take care of the rest and you get a check every so often if you make a profit. I wish all entreprening (sp?) was like that.


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