It is funny…

It’s pretty funny how you can find people from your past on the internet, through sites like Myspace, and how you can reconnect with them.

Today, I found a guy who I went to high school with that was kinda/sorta my friend. He was the art club president, I was the secretary. We weren’t close, but friendly, I guess you could say. I guess we spent 6th – 12th grade together…7 years of our life. Anyway, he lives in California now and he does piercings, tattoos, and scarification. OK, little ol’ Alexa isn’t into any of this stuff, but it is pretty interesting. This scarification stuff is pretty hardcore and painful to look at. Some people are way into it. The work he does is pretty amazing, but knowing that it involves razors is incredibly creepy/make my skin crawl disgusting.

So, anyway, I sent him a message. We’ll see if he writes back.


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