The Meany in me

Something funny happened at work and it was all provoked by my meanness. On of the girls I work with in my dept (who in this sketch will be called Jan to protect her identity), was going on and on about some random, technical bit of information and was driving me BONKERS. The other lady, Dawn (also name protected) I work with knows how much I am irritated by this and understands and rolls her eyes when she hears the same thing, so we have this running joke that I throw this bug over the cubicle wall at her everytime Jan is being obnoxious. Well…today I threw the little plastic rubber bug and I heard a great big splash. It had landed in her coffee! She immediately screamed, “Alexa”! It was supposed to go as one of those unnoticed things, only between Dawn and I but Jan knew that something was up and we had to explain to her that I throw the bug so to scare Dawn and catch her off guard. IT was quite amusing, admittedly mean, and quite a hole in one if I say so myself. I mean, I could try over and over and I don’t think I would hit that cup. It splattered on her, on the keyboard, and on the screen. Dawn wasn’t mad, it was just terribly funny.


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