Random thoughts this March 30th

-Ryan Seacrest + Teri Hatcher = gross

-Britney Spears needs to ditch Kevin and hire a new stylist

-I wish I had more friends on Myspace that actually posted comments my Myspace blog

-Target clearance shelves are the bomb.

-I had a craving for Cheeto’s tonight,so I bought some.

-I wish I had a double bed instead of a day bed

-I hate it that Ali Edwards, scrapbook queen, posts to Cafe Press and immediately gets subscribers to her cafepress.com newsletter (I have no subscribers after 3 months of having a link to subscribe to mine
). I bet she is raking in the dough, just cause she’s a famous scrapbooker.

-The office is new tonight. All together now…YAY!


  1. says

    I had never looked at Ali Edwards blog … but my opinion would be that she might get more comments/response/etc. because her blog combines her whole life while focusing on scrapbooking. She has just taken lots of time – and money, I’m sure – to promote herself and her stuff. Plus you’re just getting started and have a full-time job to contend with. This stuff is her job.

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