Self Portrait Tuesday part II

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A little bit bigger this time. I decided to go with the artsier approach. It is not easy to take a photo of yourself that is actually halfway interesting & halfway decent. I took about 50 before I decided to mess with the brightness and contrast on this one. First, tried to take a pic of me in my black cat nightgown with Pixie in the background, but the lighting was terrible and I looked ghastly and you couldn’t see the cat on my shirt. Pixie won’t get close enough to me to take an actual photo…that little booger. Anyway, I moved to the red couch and that is what you see here, but notice there is no red couch…just the coordinating dot pillows that came with it (it’s a Todd Oldham couch from Lazy Boy, by the way). I thought I would turn on the nighttime setting, cause I always get the most interesting lighting that way. Lots of streaks and blurs. It is really neat to take photos at the dance club, cause all the lights go crazy and sometimes foggy and streaky. Makes for some great picture taking moments.

I went to Joseph Beth tonight and bought Grant an animal fact book, a wooden airplane kit, and some goggles that when you put them on, you see like a fly would see. They are totally cute (though, I don’t think they really would get much use – pretty much a novelty thing, but I like kitschy stuff like that). If it’s not kitschy, it’s not from Aunt Pex! So, while in Joseph Beth, I see so many things I want and books I want! The problem is that books are expensive. Maybe that is why I don’t really read too much (I know that is a lame butt excuse, but if I go to the library, I have to pay my past due fees). I just found so many neat job, organization, dating, fiction, non-fiction books that looked just fabulous.
I also saw these greatly designed Retro Chocolate Bars (in brown and orange) with fun, retro graphics. Made me want to buy one.


  1. Anonymous says

    Dig the pic! You should use it as your MySpace pic sometime. Althouhg you know I think the current one is HOT. -CC

  2. Justin says

    Ha ha, MySpace is the first thing I thought of, even before reading this comment!

    liek OMG ur on MySPACE??? whats your link?

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