THAT’S HOTlanta!

Sorry for the long absence (sp?), I’ve been a busy bee as of late.

So, I had a whirlwind weekend in one of my favorite cities…Atlanta, GA. It was a lot of fun. I stayed at Carey and Griffin’s house in, what I guess would be considered Buckhead. It is a quaint little house nestled on a nice street – very uncitylike, but 5 minutes from everything. They live in a great location. We zipped and zoomed all over. We went to several cool places including West Elm and DSW shoe store (A great shoe store if you ever get a chance to go. I bought two, yes, two pairs of shoes and put down around a hundred bucks on them, something I rarely do, but I bought a cool pair of Adidas and an even cooler pair of wedge espadrilles from Tommy. They are black and white and so me (and did I mention they make my legs look great 🙂

Carey and Griffin just got a new kitten named Waffle. I played with it all weekend. Puzzle wasn’t too happy about this (their other cat). She moaned and hissed all weekend. At one point, I was petting Waffle and he fell asleep in my arms and his little head went back. He loved being held. He is so super cute and cuddly.

Other things I did over the weekend? I went to see the Atlanta Rollergirls practice. Pretty cool, though I don’t understand it at all. Carey was trying out for it (that’s her in the pic). She did very well (an equivalent of a B+), so they are going to put her on a team. They have the funniest names for the teams within their league. One of the names is the Toxic Shocks (if anyone has been afflicted with this rare and deadly disease, I truly am sorry for making light of it – ha).

Also went down for the Pop Culture World Series. We took the test and it was so hardcore. They had questions and totally obscure stuff on there that even I found hard. We didn’t pass, but we did win a calendar for why our team should get a prize (we made t-shirts and matched in tall boots and skirts). They also gave us a complimentary Entertainment Weekly. Woo. We weren’t too disappointed, hardly anyone made it through and I think this included people who were more uber geeky than me. And to think!

So, I had fun, asides from the drive. I get so ancy if I am in the car for more than 6 hours, but I did it all by myself.

Ta ta for now.


  1. Anonymous says

    woo-hoo!! I had so much fun with you this week darlin’! I can’t wait to see you again and have a kickin’ time doing absolutely nothing. or everything. ya know- whatever!

  2. Anonymous says

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