there GOes my FIGURE

So, I was going to eat healthy this month. I figure that if I am going to be on a reality game show possibly by months end, I should get a little bit slimmer and lose the double chin. So, I was going to start today on this.

Well, what do you know? My girl scout cookies arrived and this year I ordered 3 boxes. I usually order just thin mints, but I got Peanut Butter Tagalongs and Caramel Delites (Samoas) this year as well. I already gave Tasha some and gave a few away at work today. BUt what is a girl to do? How many people can truly resist Girl Scout Cookies?

Came across a cool scrapbook submission/career site… If you plan on entering any pages or designs, they post all the major submission info here. I like that.

So,I have a prob. I just went to take an evening bath and the water was cold. Now, occasionally this happens. Most times, though, it is very warm for a couple minutes, then turns cold. This is something I should prob. call the landlord about, but considering I have screwed up the water heater, I fear that I may get in trouble. See, I keep Pixie’s litter box next to the water heater and it is a very messy little are filled with scattered litter and the occasional cat terd (how else can I really say that?). Anyway, they dont’ know I have an animal (I didn’t pay the deposit), so that is not something I want them to know. I don’t think most maintenance men would make anything of it or go report it, but it is still not cool. Secondly, they replaced the water heater a few months back and after I got it, my water wasn’t as hot as it had been. Then, in the late hours of the night, I would hear a hissing sound coming from it. At this time, i should have called them and told them, but it went away. Now, my so-called “new” water heater is starting to rust on the top and the sides. So, if I call them, I’m prob. going to get in trouble or contacted about it. Urgh. I do stupid stuff like this and don’t take the right course of action. If only I would have called when it had started, it wouldn’t be such a mess. The water has been cold in the past before and back to its normal self a few hours later, so I’m not too worried about it, but I am crossing my fingers just a little bit.


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