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When people come to my house, I have this way of bringing everything out for them to see. I have a lot of neat, quirky stuff that appeals to me, and sense a lot of my friends have that same kind of appreciation, I enjoy showing stuff off. Maybe I’m just a show off, cause of lack of attention as a child, but anyway…So, I am going to occasionally show off things on here that I find incredibly cool, that I got an awesome bargain on or have some sentimental value.

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This is a silhoette cutout of my grandmother and my dad from way back when. I would say it was done around 1957 or 1958 (at Rock City, the imprint on the bottom says so). I just love the way these little cutouts captured the beauty of the person…like the eyelashes of my grandmother and her hairstyle perfectly coifed. I also like the way my dad looks so little and boyish…the buzzcut nick and the glasses are the perfect touch. I think I got my dad’s chin. Today, I visited a site Cut Art that still does this work. I really want to get one done of myself. That would be awesome. For only $25, I could get one done. I think it would be neat, too, if I could get profiles of my grandmother and dad done today and have a younger and older version to give as a gift. That would be so cool.

By the way, on Cut Art, I found out that the guy who first did these, did them because in the old days, before photographs, this is what people did to serve as a photograph. OK, I know that sentence could have been more brief, but you get my point. The guy was French and his last name was Silhoette. Isn’t that a neat fact?


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