But of course, that’s not all…

I haven’t really left a substantial blog in the past week. Actually last night, I was typing out a great recap of a my weekend when my computer crashed and the grey screen came down with the “You must restart” button eyeing me in the face. I was really peeved. I’m sure most of you understand where I am coming from. I’m pretty good about saving on a day to day basis,so I rarely lose a lot of info, but it wasn’t worth it for me to type it all out again.

In the process of cleaning my office. I should hold all you my faithful blog patrons accountable for my chores. Ha. I will try to post a pic of it when it is clean. I think it is always neat to see where people live and their spaces. You know how you always envision a person’s house and when you actually visit it, it is either kinda like you had thought or totally off? This way, for those of you who have never been to my apt, you will get to see what it truly looks like 🙂

I keep dreaming of my future bedroom. I have in my mind that I want a canopy bed (wooden with lots of drapy orange and fuchsia material. I stayed at Carrie’s house last year and her roommate’s room was chocolate brown – so pretty. I’ve never been too much a brown person, but the thought of having a brown, fuchsia, and orange infused room sounds fun. I also want to throw in some turquoise and greens, too for contrast. I can’t wait.

I got a rejection letter from Hallmark(had sent my resume there). It isn’t a hard blow, really, but they were basing it on samples of work I sent them. After I sent the e-mail, I realized that I had forgotton a page of artwork that I meant to attach. I guess it is not meant to be, but their process of hiring is pretty hardcore if they don’t even really talk to you. That resume and samples are their ownly impression. Very competitive.

Well, gonna get off here before a dreaded crash attempt.

By the way, I do hope to buy a scanner in the next few days. Yay. I used one at work today that was pretty good and it was only a $50 scanner (the size of a notebook). Scanner technology has certainly come a long way. I really liked the compactness of it. I don’t have enough room for a big outfit.



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