Happy pre-Easter

Here’s my pathetic buy of the night…daffodils. Honestly, there were none on the side of the road that I could stop and get, but I just had to get flowers at Kroger tonight. There were bundles upon bundles of different varieties…it was so hard to choose. I decided that I wanted these – yellow that will bloom in yellow with orange buds. Yay.

I set up a chair in front of my bedroom window last night and now, I think it is Pixie’s favorite spot. She is always up there or about to jump up there when I see her. She’s always leary of me, so she refuses to jump up and enjoy herself until the coast is clear and I am no longer staring her down. Peculiar that way.

One of the last ones to leave work tonight – and that was at 5:20. People get out of there pretty quickly. Excited about tomorrow – since I will wear jeans. It is not “casual Friday”, rather, the day before vacation (get off Good Friday – the bossman is Catholic) and we all don’t care anyway. Also, I’m sure most will be in a “holiday” mood, and not much will be accomplished – but better not jinx myself too soon.

Lost had some romantic tension tonight. Good stuff. Jack and Kate were caught up in a rope booby trap. Pretty sexy stuff, if you didn’t have a chance to see it.


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