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So, today was a stressful one. We are redoing one of our flyers and I have to take 3 really good artsy fartsy/magazine style photos for it. It wouldn’t be that hard; however, the pieces have changed from what I originally had sketched out, so I am having to photograph a piece with no focal point. Mind you, I am not a Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) photographer and the camera we use at work is a piece of doody. Really, it is. You have to set up the shot, then it has to preview it, and once it is finito, you take the photo. It’s not one of those quick point and shoot digital deals, like I’m sure BHG would use and be able to take a gagillion photos in different angles with. We have to have it perfect and then it takes 3 minutes to 8 minutes to scan. It is annoying. So, my boss wanted me to photograph it a certain way, but he was working from home, so I am trying to do something based on his idea, which is based on his boss’s idea, really. That is about how it comes down to it. Ugh. I spent all day trying to figure out one photo. I got so frustrated and I’m still sore. It’s just that I don’t get any direction, but yet, everyone can tell me what is wrong with the photo. I can not read minds and that is hard when you have someone wanting to play puppet master.

I went to Wal-mart after work. Helped with my tension some. I got lots of stuff to organize with. Scrapbook 12×12 plastic bin organizer and little plastic crates that lock together. The Wright’s brand has a giant display that features really neat trims and stuff. They are coming out with the most clever stuff. It amazes me. While I think it is cool, I don’t like the idea that all the craft market is saturated with stuff that is ready-made, take the creativity factor out of it for people. I think that is a diservice (sp?) of sorts. They are offering scrapbook stuff now for people who want to scrapbook recipe stuff. There was gigantic section for that. I guess it makes sense, but I guess I didn’t realize that doing this was so big. The scrapbook magazines haven’t made too big a deal out of it.

Well, off to organize I go a bit before bed. Sorry for the not thoughoutedness of my blog tonight. I say, screw grammer for tonight.


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