Rainy Friday

Today I had off. I didn’t do too much, but sometimes it is good to just have a stress-free, anti-climatic day. Lots of good time with Pixie and Starbucks with Tasha. Good lazy day. Lazy day Friday, I guess.

I just got the book, Self Matters, by Dr. Phil. He writes it as if he is talking to you. My friend Danielle told me that it changed her life. I think I will enjoy it. I haven’t read anything in a while other than that supermarket people or that scrapbook magazine.

Going to the ville tonight. Yay. I think Molly and I will see American Dreamz. Yay. I am looking forward to it. I haven’t been there in a month and a half or so and it will be good to reconnect with friends. Plan on going to Thunder.

Well, off to get ready to go. Peace out homies and homettes.


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