Ran dumb thoughts for Good Friday

– My cat loves her new window seat. Yay.

– I walked in green, fresh grass today – first time this year.

– My lime green robe I am wearing right now – I love it – I think I might even marry it.

– I had to vent a lot today. One person just got under my skin so much. Whew. I sometimes don’t deal with that well.

– While my living room is looking better, my dishes are piling up in the sink and my laundry baskets threw up in my bedroom. What’s a girl to do?

– I got three Easter gifts today. A little personalized A basket with the most delicious chocolate covered atrawberry inside (thanks to Donna B.), a easter egg with yummy goodies, and a chocolate peanut butter egg (another Donna B. creation – woman of so many talents).

– I want to go to the scrapbook store. I need to do some more pages. Prob. not this weekend though. Maybe I’ll take my beads with me to work on this weekend.

– I’m going home this weekend to visit family and friends. Looking forward to it. Not looking forward to the drive – never do, but I’ll deal.

– I want to see the American Dreamz movie. The previews, I don’t think, are really telling the story behind the movie. Involves a terrorist who can’t decide if he wants to be the next Clay Aiken or blow himself up for his terroist cause I think that’s crazy.


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