Self Portrait Tuesday – My Personal Stuff edition

Here’s me. Here’s me in front of my cheap $15 plastic shelving unit. Here’s me in front of my California Raisins from Hardee’s my Grandmother bought me back 17 or so years ago (love them). Here’s me in front of my slightly organized/still a work in progress crafty space. Still working on it. Accomplished a little bit more tonight, while I talked on the phone with Arianna. Watched a little idol – my two favorites tonight were Kellie and Elliot. Did one load of laundry (got $20 in quarters to do a buttload tonight). Actually, I have to throw the one in the washer over, so I guess I can’t say I did one load, since it is not finished. Looked in amazement at some designs on cafepress (where do people find time to do this stuff)! Made hot chocolate a few minutes ago (shouldn’t I be in bed by now???). Alexa, you are one random girl. Talked about myself on my blog in third person. Peace out homies.


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