Self Portrait Tuesday – Office Edition

Here’s two pics taken at Decofart today of me. The first being me in the studio before Jennifer shot the shelf behind me. The camera we use is more of a scanner (it took 8 minutes just to take one photo today), so I had to stay very still while it was previewing (this only takes a few seconds – I wouldn’t be able to stand in front of those lights for 8 minutes). I woke up late this morning, so I just threw this tank and sweater on. I didn’t realize how revealing it was until this photo was taken. Oops.

This is me at my desk…I think I was working on something for Fashion Sequins. Yes, my area usually does look this way. Kinda plain – nothing to exciting. Just me in front of my two computer screens – this is your insight into the glamourous life of a working graphic designer.


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