What’s in my head…

– Grey’s Anatomy was so good tonight. Just when you are all upset with Meridith, she redeems herself, with the help of George in this episode. George also gets some action. Wonder if her is going to be moving into the hospital, too? I can’t believe how good Chris O’Donnell looks. What a great spot for him to be in. His show got canceled (Head Cases on Fox) and now he’s on the best TV show of the moment. That’s hot. Love this show. I almost cried during the Jackie (yes, Roseanne’s sister)/daughter talk. So good.

-I actually cleaned!! I dusted and windexed. It is the start of a beautiful relationship with my apt. Ha. No, just getting in some spring cleaning. It was a beautiful day, until it started storming. Overall, it was a good day.

-I’m in one of those inbetween phases with my air conditioner/heater. Want to turn the air on, but I find it silly to do that right now. I guess an open window will have to do. But, the sweat on my neck is icky. Darn weather change, but thank goodness it is finally Spring – I smelled it the other day. Was that fresh cut grass smell, but I don’t think the grass had actually been cut. Hmm…

-I may be going through a life change soon, so keep me in your thoughts if you can. I don’t want to go over it in my blog until it is certain, but it is a very big positive thing. 🙂

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