Back and Ready to Attack

No, I’m not really going to attack anything other than life. I need to get on the ball now that my vacation is over. It was a great trip, though I could have done without the driving to and from part, but I guess that is just a part of it. Well, let’s see. We were only really there two and a half days, so we went to the beach two days. It marks my 3rd time ever going to the beach and this was, by far, the best experience I have had thus far. It was crystal blue and so pretty. The weather was perfect, too and everyone got along and there were no mishaps. That was good. Brock, Tay, and Grant were very cute. Grant starts out about everything he asks you with “Can I ask you somefin?” He is at such an inquisitive child with such a big, tender heart. You can’t beat that. He also has to ask everyone’s age and who their mom is. He’s big into how we all are related and how families work. It’s cute, but since our family is a step family, he gets a little confused. I’m sure he’ll understand better with time. As for Brock and Tay, they are cute too. Tay is so spunky and can be loud at times, but her personality is filled with attitude. I wrote her a little note on a piece of paper in bubble letters that said, “Taylor is a princess”. And she said, “Aunt Pex, you really think so? THANK YOU!”. It was funny. Brock is getting tall and skinny and is growing up. He played all weekend with these suction cup bouncy balls, I bought two for 88ยข at Wal-mart. man, don’t buy kids the expensive toys. They love cheap novelty toys and they are occupied for hours. It’s great.

We went out to eat several times, got ice cream, and shopped some. It was a very loungy weekend and I needed that. I don’t feel as tired as I did and my back and body have recuperated from many months of lack of sleep and draining days in front of a computer.

The good news is that I only have two days to work before the weekend (I’m off today, too). So, it will prob. go by pretty fast. Yippee.

I read a lot of my scrap magazines and did several sketches, which I plan on executing. I will post them as I finish them on two peas and will direct you to them when I do. I’ve also bewen submitting my pages to several companies and plan on submitting some to Memory Makers in the next couple of days. They are having a submission call for an idea book.

Well, gotta get going and be somewhat productive today. I have to go out and get wedding shower invites, cause Molly and I are planning a shower for Ms. Arianna! Arianna is getting hitched in June, for all those who don’t know. I’m super excited for her. Her mom is doing all the planning, since she is in Idaho and I am planning a shower and bachelorette party for her, which will be in a couple of weeks. It will be fun work – the type of stuff I love doing, but I won’t be able to design the invites like I wish I could. It’s just too much work right now to do, but I know what I get for it will be cute.


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