Bright Pink Polo and my Steve Urkel Skirt

My Title is what I am wearing today. I have this skirt that rides up throughout the day (even with a belt). It’s a long denim one. Anyway, sometimes, I am caught hunching over and it is up like Steve Urkel’s pants. I just laugh it off. I guess that’s an Alexa thing to do.

OK, so I missed 30 minutes of Idol. For some reason, I thought it would be 2 hours, but I was wrong. You hear it hear first: Taylor is going to win. Kat is beautiful and I’m sure will succeed, but Taylor just has the uniqueness and charisma and can make any song his. The crap thing, though, is that they always give them the cheesiest songs to release as their first song. Kat’s song featured the word, bliss, which I find kinda revolting, and Taylor’s song was something about making someone proud. Lameola.

I woke up at 8 this morning. Too many late nights scrapping, I guess. I actually rolled over on Pixie in my attempt to get up (Poor thing). Oh, well, it’s not that big of a deal. Still got my shiz together today and my work done.

I did go to Kohl’s after work and got a black pullover jacket with white stripes (kinda like the Tommy one I used to have that I left at the movie theatre when I saw Brokeback Mountain – get this – Molly tried to get it back and they told her they didn’t have a lost and found…their cleaning guy keeps the stuff and you have to call him….puleeze!). Anyway, got that for my trip if we go out at night. It’s sporty and cute. Also got some Nike short casual shorts. They are adorable. I love them. They are black with a neon orange drawstring and little orange details. As soon as I saw them, I knew they would fit me. Also got a yellow tank top lined with gold thread. It’s cute, too. I like the orange one, but if I wore it with my black shorts, I would look like Halloween. I guess now I will look like the girl from the Blind Melon video (the bee) or a school bus. Hopefully, though, I won’t look as big as a school bus.

I put some new peas up on two peas. I’m going to start just putting the link up for you guys to see, cause it is sometimes hard to upload my photo onto buzznet, then link. It takes several minutes. So this way, I can kill two birds with one stone (I don’t think I’ve actually ever really seen this done. Is it possible? THat would make a funny invite – you could have two birds and like a stone closure – how funny…don’t forget the splatter of blood…now I’m getting gruesome.) Here’s the Two Peas page…

My Two Peas page


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