In the next couple of weeks, my blog will change. I haven’t exactly figured out how, yet. I am trying to lift someone elses code from their site and fix it to make it mine, but I haven’t much luck (for the hour I have fiddled around with it). Ugh. I wish it were simpler, but that’s ok. It will be cool when I am finished.

OK, so I won’t be on here all week. I’m going on vacay to Florida (Destin). My family is going, so that should be fun. Lots of scrapbooking, moments, I’m sure.

I am going through a little TV withdrawal. My shows are all off for the season…

Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, American Idol, Lost, Alias (gone forever), The Office, etc., etc.

I am going through a slight depression, but it will be ok. I guess getting out and exercising this summer would be a swell solution.

American Idol was really good last night. My favorite moment was when that nerdy Clay Aiken look alike came on stage, started singing “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down” and then came Clay behind him belting it out. That cracked me up. More or less, the kid cracked me up how excited he was to be there with Clay and dueting with him. I read somewhere that it was the gayest moment on television, but who the heck cares! It was great television and if you were on stage with your idol, you might even do the same thing. It was an exciting night for me, overall. I watched three finales…Lost, AI, and Top Chef. Whoo. It’s like a buffet of television. Now I’m hungry again. I guess I’ll have to have a bloated stomach all summer without my shows. Ha.

So, gotta get packin’. I have to get together all the clothes on my list. I have two loads of laundry to do (blacks and colors). I am taking lots of shorts and a skirt. I hope to get a great tan. I better 🙂 Hopefully, though, it won’t be splotchy. I got a tan a few years ago and I was splotchy all over. I even had a hand print on my back where I didn’t rub the lotion in. Whoops. I’m so bad about that. My mom told me that she wouldn’t trust me putting self-tanner on her! I guess I have a bad case history, huh? That’s why I bought the aerosol spray lotion. Rock on, huh? Why did it take them so long to invent that one (kinda goes down on the list with the straightening iron – I just got absolute straight hair two years ago for the first time in my life thanks to it – hair drying with a brush so doesn’t work well).

Anyway, toodles for now 🙂


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