A day not to go down in history…

I slept all day, pretty much, so my day was so not exciting.

I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing. I mean, on one hand, my body feels better (friday, I went dancing and my back hurt so much cause of the shoes I work). On the other hand, I didn’t go to the laundrymat or really clean much. It was such a waste.

I am so a routine kinda girl, meaning a forced routine. I don’t do well with a random schedule. I would be so awful at setting my own schedule…I need some kind of structure. I mean, today, for example…I didn’t really eat until 7pm. Yeah, I had a small bowl of cereal around 1pm, but when I go to work, everything is just so regimented and I like that. No wonder I lost a lot of weight when I was unemployed.

Went to the Drive In last night…it was cold. I was so cold that when it came time to get up, I was frozen to the seat – or atleast it felt that way. We went to see RV. I would have rather had seen MI3, but they (the 2 Jessica’s, Tasha, and Dana), wanted to see RV, so that was ok. It was pretty cute, but not stellar, by any means. I think Robin Williams is getting too old to be a believable dad to teenagers. He’s starting to look like the old man where his dentures are going to fall out at any second when he talks. The movie stopped at one point and the volume on the speaker went out as well. I’ll just chalk it up as a unique experience. I haven’t been to the drive-in since I was a kid.

I watched another movie – Shopgirl. I really loved it. It was very real feeling – the characters. The dialogue was great, too. And the cinematography was so pretty – very artsy and colorful and subdued. Claire Danes wore a lot of vintage clothing and I totally appreciated that. It didn’t even really feel so unbelievable that her and Steve Martin were a couple. Well, don’t want to give anything away, but I could identify with her character and her bouts with lonliness and depressions. She was real.

I got a hair cut. If I can get my camera charged, I’ll try to post my self-portrait pic on Tuesday. It is shoulder-length…similar to how it was in college, but more layered rather than one length. I like it. I keep rubbing my hands through it…it just feels so much more light and airy. Before, it just felt so heavy and unhealthy. I’m glad I did something different with it, cause I was really tired of that look (though, I did like having longer hair). It was just time for a change.

I found out that John Mayer is doing a rendition of “Route 66” for the movie, “Cars”, so you’ll have to check it out if you see a preview for it.


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