Good TV in the hiz house

OK, so Paris got booted. Expected that one. If I had to hear her thank Simon after he put her down again, I would have to vomit.

On Lost…I can’t believe Michael shot Ana and Libby. I bet Libby isn’t dead. I think Michael lets Henry go and that Libby covers up the whole incident cause she is an Other. Creepy. It was 5 seconds of shock.

On Top Chef, Leann is gone. Disappointed. I really don’t like Tiffani’s attitude. I understand that you want to be competitive, but there is no reason to be rude or manipulative to win. (FOr those who don’t watch Top Chef, it is like Project Runway – so much drama – I love it).

FYI – Britney is giving a press conference tomorrow. Either a) she’s having baby number 2 or b) She’s divorcing Kevin. I’m thinking it’s a. Career suicide. Bad move.

I found a big beetle on my floor ( I didn’t want to kill it so I flicked it aside). It crept crawling up to me. Creepy. I finally trapped it and showed it to Pixie. It was crawling away and everything and she had no interest whatsoever. She is such a weird cat. Go figure.


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