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So, the past three nights have been spent on the layout of my niece, Taylor (Amy, please don’t wince at the sight of all the buttons – ha)… I guess I need to draw more sketches, but I don’t really feel like I work well that way. I mean, I can draw a sketch and then be terribly disappointed in the way the ribbon or lettering works for the page. This type of layout is much, much harder for me, since so much more embellishment is involved. I do best with the computer layouts with simple embellishment, but I don’t want to rely to much on it and I also like scrapbooking in a way where it is tangible to me. I like to touch, feel the embellishments – pick and choose through my ribbons. And besides, I spend my whole rest of the day designing on the computer. It is nice to take a break every now and then. I did use on this layout type that I typed in Illustrator and the pic, of course was blown up. I sized it to fit exactly the 8.5″ x 11″ sheet. I feel more comfortable in this format, but again, like I said, I don’t want to be too comfortable in it.

I updated my computer (finally!!!). I had been running OS X 10.2 and I updated it to 10.2.8. I needed to do this for a good long while. I was bummed out the other day when I went to go download the season finale of “The Office” and ITunes wasn’t compatible with the ITunes music download site. It said I had to have 10.2.8 or higher. I’ll prob. get the episode sooner or later, but I’m so glad I went ahead and did it. One of the perks is that I am using Safari, which is just so much more aesthetically pleasing to me on screen than Explorer (and Explorer keeps wigging out on me as of late). On a final note on this topic, I listened to “Candy Man, Salty Dog”, because I had been talking about it (we sang it in Ms. Stumpf’s music class in grade school). It was the best kids song. Lots of anunciation of words, shouting, whispering, mouthing of the words. I loved it as a kid. I so want to download it now.

Funny story. I got this great new magazine called Blueprint (great articles, by the way, esp. love the articles of making a purse from hankerchiefs). It is published as a subsidiary to Martha Stewart Living magazine. It is for a younger market. I guess 25 – 40 or so. Young people and young couples starting out, buying a house. Well, I showed it to my boss, and I said, “Hey, see my new magazine. It’s really cool!” and he said, “yeah, my wife got that one”. I then proceeded to ask if his wife got the magazine Domino (sim. to Blueprint) as well and told him it was by the makers of Lucky magazine. He said, “My wife gets Lucky,” to which I said, “Your wife gets Lucky?” It was really funny. I would never ask someone that (other than a friend in a funny, jokey way). It just kinda came out. Gotta love moments like that.

My steals of the week…4 20″ square black wooden frames (with a black and white print, which I intend on changing out) for only $10!! How awesome is that? THey were at Wal-mart and were on a clearance cart and the manager walked up and told me that instead of $5 each, they would instead be $2.50 each. I had contemplated getting a couple at $5 each, but when I found out I could get 4 for $10, you better believe I piled them into my cart fast. I also got some cool, copperish/bronzish sandles with cork wedge heels.
I’ve been eying them for a while and finally just bought them. Should be cute for Florida (which is only 2 weeks away (YAY!). Oops. Need to put time off in now. I think I am going to take of 2 days (besides the Memorial day we get). We are going to Destin, if I haven’t mentioned it previously – my family and I.

Britney Spears now has a male nanny, appropriately refered to as “Manny”, so he will be coming to a checkout aisle cover soon, I’m sure. Check it out at Pink is the New Blog. I’m sure there will be a lot of suspicion (sp?) in the error

Also, Grey’s was really good last night. I can’t believe Izzie went so off the deep end. I guess I can understand her being upset and all, why she quit in the way she did – I think it was more her emotions controlling her rational decision making. I’m sure it will work out next season. Katherine Heigl (Izzie) looked georgeous, though. I liked the scene of Alex taking her from Denny’s hospital bed. Ah, Alex, we have such a love/hate relationship with him. As for Meridith, I would like to see her with Finn, but I know she still loves Derek. Derek is being a jerk to Addison by stringing her along. I feel bad for Addison. I like how this show layers the characters…sometimes incredibly compelling/sometimes despicable. And the funny thing is, you can love and then hate a character in 2 episodes, or do the vice versa. I guess that is good writing for ya. Can’t wait to see where it goes. But I guess I will have to wait.

Longest blog in a while. I really have to be in the mood to write on this thing. This past weekend, I was kinda in a bum mood. I just don’t have a lot of people to do stuff with or pal around with. Jacob did come over and watch Jurassic Park with me and brought me Chick Filet (he gets a 50% military discount – score), so that was nice, but the rest of the weekend, I watched tv, a couple of movies, went out to eat/get coffee and cleaned. The lifestyle of the non-adventurous single, I guess.

Oh, and before I forget, my prediction is Kat and Taylor on Idol. Kat nailed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. She was the only person this season to have a “true” moment.

Anyway, hope you guys have a great week.


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