My life is a password

Call me pathetic, I know, but my unorganization got an hour of my life tonight. I have an e-mail account through insight and about a month ago, my computer acted up and asked for my password and username. I didn’t have it written down, so this whole month, I went online and checked my e-mail through their web mail program. Ugh…… Did I mention that I had been doing this prob. for 6 months prior to guessing the correct e-mail password and username? My computer crashed about 8 or 9 months ago. Anyway…I spent an hour trying to figure out my password, IP address, username, etc. You think that I wouldn’t have that hard of a time, since I am somewhat savvy on the computer, but when any type of number is involved, I get way confused. Ask me the difference b/w a SMTP, IP, POP, and any other configuration mumbo jumbo and I am just plain clueless. I did figure it out!!!!!! YAY! It took, like I said, an hour, but now I wrote it down and am going to make a trusty log of all my passwords so I don’t have to waste more precious time again.

ON a positive note today, I went to ali edwards shop (remember the one I was jealous of a few weeks ago for having so much luck on Cafepress?). Well, I am going to have to eat crow. She added the Swell shop to her AE Design page. I read her blog daily and I really do admire her. I shouldn’t have been so quick to get upset. She does work really hard at what she does and she wouldn’t be where she is today without hard work (Thanks Kristin for helping me realize this).

We framed some prints in our office today of photos that Jennifer and I have taken over the past few years (most are mine, though). Our office looks a LOT cleaner. We spent all morning yesterday cleaning and organizing (my boss said it would only take 30 minutes – yeah, does sound about right – our projects usually do take about 8 times the amount he says they should take – HA!). I have my lava lamp up (Thanks Jeff! Love it), but my boss made me take down two of my posters that I had done a couple of years ago. I loved those posters. I mean I put up some new stuff on my wall, but he was sick of looking at the posters. It’s my cubicle! Actually, we have this program coming out called My Room and it is a line of canvases and I had done one for a step by step photo and hung it up in my office…well, I reconfigured the logo to say My Cube. It’s pretty funny.

Well, better get busy. Only a few hours left in the day and have some more organizing to do 🙂

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