Off to the Dentist

I’m actually somewhat early getting ready for the dentist (now, I just don’t need to screw myself over by typing on my blog and making myself late).

I’m sure I’ll get a lecture today about my teeth…plaque buildup around my back molars or that I have gingivitis or something like that (I’m sure you guys really wanted to know that). I have been flossing and using my mouthwash, but there are phases in between my cleanings where I go a little lax. And then there are other times where I am hardcore about it.

I hate when my cat crawls up into bed with me and purrs and is so sweet and I know that I have to get up and thus, make her get up too, and jump off. She has her moments, and when she is in them, I want to enjoy them.

Working on a new scrap page, I’ll post it when I finish. It’s about my little niece, Tay.

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