Self Portrait Challenge – Introduction #4

OK, so I am going to do something new. THere is self-portrait Tuesday, then there is Self Portrait Challenge (SPC). They are kinda one in the same; however, the SPC is an actual challenge and gives you a topic. This month’s topic is Introduction (I’m actually a little cornfused by the layout of their site. It’s not easy to navigate at the moment, so I’m hoping Introduction is right – that’s what other SPC are calling this week).

My challenge photo basically captures me in my space. I am in the mix of my living room among my piles of scrap stuff, tv, and clutter. This is what I do on a daily basis…sit, scrap, and stare (at the TV). I find enjoyment in doing things while I craft. I am such a busy body…I think if I ever do find me a husband, he will be ticked by the fact that I always have to be doing something! I can’t sit still. It’s like in life, I feel like there is something that I always want to accomplish and if I’m not doing something, I feel really unfulfilled. Not to say that I don’t have my sleepy weekend moments. The weeknights are my times to shine creatively. I just get home from work and am ready to get workin’ on something. I would go crazy just sitting and watching tv or having to spend 2 hours to prepare a meal. Call me on the go, random, scatterbrained, fast-paced, hyperactive, a person with ADD. I can’t sit still. My life is my own personal hectic journey in my mind. We’ll see where this journey takes me.


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