Self-Portrait Tuesday

The Swell Life

As promised, here is a color, artsy fartsy pic of my new hair cut…

Also, here’s that page of my nephew I finished up. I guess I should have waited to show it, but like I said, it was a work in progress. You can’t tell, but two of the pics and Brock in blue is elevated with foam stickers, so that it is more dimensional. I got on the personal handwriting kick and added in the type at bottom. I’m not crazy about my handwriting. It is def. something I need to practice on. I tried doing a little doodling, but that didn’t work out. Geez. Even the professionals who doodle have to practice. I can’t imagine them just drawing all over their pages at random (though, I’m sure some do). Most of my attempts at doing random stuff, turn out to be crappy or overworked. I have a tendancy to not know when to stop. That’s why I tried to keep it simple…

I had a lot of random Elvis sightings/experiences today. First off, thought my hair looked Elvisy at one point and contemplated being Elvis for Halloween…then on the way to Panera tonight (YAY – free food – grand opening)…I saw a guy with a white jacket, black pants, slicked back black hair and big glasses walking along highway 27. Was it the king? I don’ know. Then, tonight on Idol, the contestants went to Graceland (They got to practice with Tommy Motolla inside the living room in Graceland). Eliot did the best. I had intentions of voting for him. There’s still a chance if I think about it.


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