thoughts before I go to bed…

-My new hairstyle is now aligned with my Swellgirl logo. The logo features my hair bobbed (it hasn’t been this way for 3+ years).

-David Blaine didn’t beat the holding the breath record, but man, did you see his hands? Skin was falling off of them. Gross! Also, his brother looks nothing like him. Must be from different parents (he, the brooding Italian/Middle Easter guy, his brother, the preppy frat boy).

Paddywax candles are the bomb. You can get them in Louisville at Regalo. Gift idea, people 🙂

-I worked on a digital page tonight of my nephew. Here it is. I’m not done with it. It’s a work in progress. I plan on journaling and adding some page corners and possibly making it 3-D. I’ll post it when I finish.

-I told some people that I slept through the derby and they said, “Alexa!”. What is the big deal…it’s not the derby is some prerequisite for being a Kentuckian. I think it is silly. It’s 2 minutes out of my life. Woo.

-I may have to take the Paddywax comment back. The scent is drifting into my office and giving me a headache. I have to go blow it out.

Peace out.


  1. says

    That page is looking neat. I like the idea of using those snapshots like that.

    And the Derby is totally a Kentuckian thing … Like you said, it’s just two minutes of your life! 🙂

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