What I’m doing now.

Drinking the last of my milk. Waiting for my camera battery to charge so that I can upload a couple of layouts to Two Peas. Need to go to bed, but I always have to do one more thing. Looking at Pixie in a little ball on the floor next to me. Listening to the TV in the other room about the story of the boy who swam from Alcatraz. Crazy, huh?

As for my day? Got to work my usual two minutes late. Worked on flyers all day. It was fun (NOT). Changed the paper in the giant Sherpa printer (not fun – this is why we need peons in our dept. – Ha). Stayed late trying to perfect some paint chips that had looked pretty crappy. Came home, despite the urge to go to the craft store and inevitably spend money. Thought about what clothes I needed to take to Florida (I bought a new pair of long khaki shorts yesterday at Target). Rested while watching Entertainment Tonight. Looked up scrapbook publication info (I WILL BE PUBLISHED!). Posted on Two Peas comments on other scrap pages (am I becoming a little obsessed?). Checked this blog. Wished for more comments. Scrapbooked – finished a page I had been working on of my new haircut and did a new one of an old photo of Jeff, Steve, and Danielle. Watched the Series Finale of Alias. Loved that show at one time, but like Dawson’s Creek, after the first season, it just started slowly going downhill.

That’s it, really. This is my exciting life. Until tomorrow…


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    I love your blog, Alexa! It’s so cool and honest and whimsical. I meant to comment when you posted about your cat getting in bed with you right before you have to get up for work–that’s the worst! It’s almost worth being late just to snuggle up with them.

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