Aww Man (and two wedding stories to boot)

OK, I just typed two stories about the weddings I attended this weekend in long detail and my program shut out, so let me just say this…they were lovely. Two beautiful, happy couples I love and two unique and different ceremonies and receptions. Here’s a link to some of my cousin’s wedding pictures Suzanne’s wedding photographer’s blog (so GREAT)…I’ll post a few of Arianna’s once I get my photos developed and put on CD…unfortch, I still have to get a digital camera battery charger, so it may be a few weeks until it will be up and running.

It is so hard to write and explain the beauty of both of the weddings. Let’s just say, if I think about it too much, I’ll start crying. I’m so happy for both of them.

Along with weddings, there was a lot of partying…I plan on going to bed now – staying out to 4 am two nights in a row is hard to do…but, I did it and saw a lot of drinking in the process, though I did not participate (you guy’s know I hate that stuff)…but lots of dancing, silliness and catching up – that’s always good.

Also went to the track – didn’t bet, just watched, though Arianna’s bro and Tyson – Jeremy’s best man, and I would have hit the trifecta if we had bet the horses we picked for the sixth race. Whoever came in last, had to buy ice cream for the other two, so what can I say? I stay true my word. I ordered Graeter’s in waffle cones for the guys.

Also a cool thing…go to the Self portrait challenge and check out what they wrote about my pic. YAY 🙂 I got picked!

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