Britney, and toilets, and headbands, OH MY!

•Made a necklace and earrings for Arianna’s wedding tonight

•Talked to a bajillion people on the phone – stressed me out a little

•Took me more than an hour to pick out plates/forks/cups/napkins for Arianna’s shower. I finally settled on a bunch of bright colored stuff. All the summer stuff is 50% off right now. I thought I had decided and came upon all that stuff – there was napkins, plates, and all that stuff there, so I had to start all over, throw out a few ideas, and decide all over again.

• Gotta get that card out to my dad tomorrow. The theme for his card this year: mowing – man, he loves to do that (with the biggest and best tractors in record time)

• Another bridal shower tomorrow at work for a lady who actually got married on a whim last weekend. Whew, I don’t know how I’m going to keep this all together…bought fresh fruit and picked up the Target gift card for her. Oh, the joy of being one of very few who live in Lexington.

• Wore my fabulous black and white striped headband (so cute – Wal-mart) today. It is wide and oh-so retro.

• Taylor Hicks is like the #1 bachelor, according to People Mag. They have a whole article about what he likes in women, and stuff about his past girlfriend. Kinda odd in a way.

• Britney was good tonight…not incredibly revealing (she wouldn’t give too many details and wouldn’t describe her son’s personality to Matt Lauer). I know I’ve dogged her a bit recently, but I really do like her. She is so interesting how she does something really bold/but yet is really simple-minded in the way she talks and does stuff. I mean, you wouldn’t think she was all that smart, but she obviously has to be, to be where she is. You have to be calculated and I guess “edgy” to stick around for so long.

• A girl at work told me that she is training her cat to use the toilet. While I have seen this done on the internet, it seems bizarre, but not really all that bizarre coming from her.

• I have so much to do tomorrow. I guess I am going to have to make a major list so that I can organize it all. As soon as I get home, I have to get my stuff together, and then I’m going to Louisville. Ugh. I wish there was more time in the day.


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    Your blog looks SO GOOD! I love it! Quite an improvement on how it used to be. Not that it sucked, I just knew you could make it hawt. 😉 Good luck this weekend babe! I hope it all works out well!

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