Color Correcting Blues

I hate color correcting photos. I mean, I can handle one or two, but a whole days worth bores me to the core. You know those days at work where the job is just so utterly mundane and boring that you about pass out? Yeah, that was my day today…it was the longest, but the good news is that the week has gone by fast and I’m glad for that. Long days, yet a fast week? Yeah, I’m still trying to figure that one out.

I actually got so bored today at work, that I came up with Graphic Design: the Musical. I basically took Broadway songs and sang them using such topics as color correction, bleed, deadlines, that kinda thing. Could be a funny concept if it was actually produced. (Yeah, I was really bored).

Have you guys seen the new photos of Britney Spears? They actually had them on the popwatch blog on (I’d include the link, but I’m lazy). She’s preggers on the cover and has her new dark hair color. I know that it is supposed to be artsy, but they are not artsy the way Demi Moore’s was back in the day. They are photos trying to be artsy, but missing the mark. Man, I don’t understand that girl…she says she wants the media to leave her alone, but yet she has been submitting pics to OK! magazine, US Weekly (of her vacation), and now doing this Harper’s spread? I guess that’s Britney for ya. Sensationalism sells.

This upcoming weekend will be a lot more low-key than the last, but I’m excited, cause I get to see Carey and hang out with other friends. I kinda hope to see a new movie too. There are so many I want to see…Superman Returns, The Devil Wears Prada, The Lake House, oh, and part of me wants to see A Prairie Home Companion (though, if I don’t totally get the NPR show – would I get the movie?), and An Inconvenient Truth, the Al Gore movie.

Well, just about off to bed. I was lazy and took a nap tonight (So tired). I awoke to Master of Champions. Oksana Baioul is one freaky lady.

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  1. Justin says

    She actually doesn’t look that bad. Of course, that’s having run through the twin efforts of top-flight photography and extensive color-correction and airbrushing.

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