It’s Friday Night, and there’s no party here on the west side

My neighbors below me are lighting off fire crackers at 11:30 at night. Oh, joy, the wonderous 4th of July weekend has begun. I had some very random observances today. Let me share:

-I am so not a night driver. I drove back from my friend Jessica’s house (she lives in a subdivision a mile or so off Man-O-War). The streets were so dark and I could barely stay in my lane (I kept driving into the turn lane). These computer screens must be making my eyes weaker as I get older.

-I can pretty much tell you by one of those television cable movie previews if the movie is going to be good or not. My friends wanted to rent one off the TV and after watching the preview, I just knew it was gonna suck. But, they went ahead and rented it. Sometimes there is just something funny (meaning weird) in the preview with the way the cinematography looks, the casting choices, and the dialogue that make it pretty much unwatchable. Take my advice, do not watch “You Stupid Man” on Pay-Per-View cable.

-Mel Gibson was a good looking man 13 years ago. I can see why he was deemed “Sexiest Man Alive”. The reason I come to this observance is because I just watched “Forever Young”.

-All my Lexington friends are married/engaged/have kids/or are in serious relationships that may lead to marriage. Where does this leave me? Maybe it’s a sign that it’s a time for me to get out of A) this town B) this house or C) all of the above. I think I need to pick C.


  1. Anonymous says

    English language is not my primary language, yet I could fully understand it when using the google translator. Excellent post, have them coming! Give many thanks!

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