As a kid, I had limits…limits to the amount of soft drinks I could drink, limits to the amount of time I could be on the phone and limits to the number of friends I could have over.

I have always hated limits.

But limits can be good, and I am starting to realize this. I really need to limit myself on my caffeine usage now, and to the amount of sweets I consume on a daily basis and there’s this one little thing that I really need to limit myself on…the internet.

I waste hours of my day on the net. At work, I jump on and off, checking my myspace and my e-mail. I have to visit at least twice a day as well as CNN. Another thing that I waste my time on is seeing who comments on whatever random scrapbook page or self-portrait I might have posted. This has to stop at some point.

So, this week, I am going to limit my internet usage. I really think, by doing this I will learn something important and use my time more wisely. I can’t keep wasting the hours piddling the time away, visiting the same sites over and over…it keeps me from getting out in the fresh air, being creative away from the computer screen, much needed sleep, and just reflecting and improving on who I want to be.

I am going to limit myself this week and see how it goes to just do one e-mail check a day for new mail (work e-mail doesn’t count), one check of my blog (though, it won’t hurt too much to post one here or there), just one check a day of my myspace and mojo and pink is the new blog. Now if I am using it proactively, that’s ok, but it can’t be just a random check cause I want to know if I got a message.

It will be good for me. I will learn something and I will hopefully stop feeling so darn stagnant.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress in the days to come.

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