New and Improved!

I worked for about two and a half hours tonight updating my blog. I think it turned out better than what it used to be. I was kinda bummed that I couldn’t use another header that I had created. For some reason, blogger requires you to put in a title and subhead (Swell life..random musings…). So, I couldn’t use the image I had wanted to, cause the words would overlap over top of it. Oh well. I do like my pics on black, though. Most of the pics I post on here are pretty colorful, so I think it looks nice to bounce the color off the screen and into the viewers eyes (ok, I’m getting too techno speak that I’m confusing myself).

Today was the longest day. It just drug on and on at work. I’m so glad it is the weekend. I am happy about the new mail program at work. It is called Entourage (part of the Microsoft Office Suite). Anyway, it is a mail/address/personal organizer program. I really am staying on top of things with it. If someone calls me…boom!…I make a new task in my active projects folder. If I need to keep my boss in the know on a project…bam!…I simply mail him the project list. It is really neatly integrated. I have all kinds of organized folders on there, that even I am surprised with myself for keeping up with my projects.

Went to the Scrapbook store tonight (I know, I know, I’m becoming addicted). It is funny how something either catches your eye or totally does not appeal to you. There are a few brands that I really like…I love the new EK Success Bookworks line. There are some great doodly & graphic stickers in that line. Also, I dig a lot of the Heidi Swapp stuff, though they didn’t have it in as much of a variety of colors as I would like. My Minds Eye is also great (love their phrases, die cuts, and distressed frames). Making Memories also has a lot of cool stuff as well. With them, it is almost always a hit Some of their frames and metal embellishments are great right now. The stuff that I tend to not gravitate toward are the Jolee’s and the kiddyish stickers. I guess, being a designer, I am not a big fan of clipart. It has to be kick butt for me to be a fan. Oh, and how could I forget Basic Grey and the new papers by Scenic Route. Just love them. The more distressed and artsy the better. Scrapbooking really has come a long way from the die cuts I bought for my sister (for her to scrapbook a baby book for Brock) in 1998.

I think I am going to go to the pool tomorrow and get some sun. I plan on not staying up too late tonight. Get my zzz’s and wake up refreshed in the morning. Now, that would be a good thing.

Peace out.


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