Party weekend: Lots of highs and an unfortunate low

Here’s a briefing of the highs:

The shower was a hit! There were about 30 people there (it was co-ed), and the decorating, food, and games all went great! We had quite a bit of food (or so we thought)…we made bruschetta, skewers, Katie brought a veggie tray and dip, chips and 2 dips, banana bread, a lemon cake and then a chocolate cake that we had to bust out last minute cause the lemon cake was about to run out, cute entertaining cookies, and punch, and coke. I would say that we had prepared a lot at first, but when we went to clean up all that was left was 2 kabobs and some coke left in the bottom of the 2 liter. I was kinda worried that there wasn’t enough, but I actually think that most everyone got a plateful and then some. Most people just stood around snacking, too, so all went well. If there is no food left, then I am prepared to say it was a hit.

Arianna’s sis and cousin planned the games…a trivia “Newlywed” type game, a game based on the funniest story told about Arianna’s childhood, and a funny madlib about the both of them. They did a great job with that and Molly and I were both relieved, since we were so busy with everything else.

Molly’s parent’s house is great for entertaining. They have a large, spacious living room where most everyone sat at first when they arrived, but then we started eating and half went to the patio. I decorated the patio in orange & fuchsia streamers and orange and yellow balloons. It was very festive set against the backdrop of the woods behind their house. Molly’s dad also had boughten new fish for his fish pond (with a waterfall) and it was very pretty. Overall, I think everyone had a great time, and that Arianna, Jeremy, and her family were very happy. I’m very glad.

Then it was on to the bachelorette party a few hours later. Molly and I made chocolate fondue out of hershey’s bars (works great by the way). I had a little fondue pot that my friend, Melissa from back home had gotten for me. We also made non-alcoholic and some alcoholic strawberry daquiris. They were pretty weak, though, but that was ok. The crowd there wasn’t a drinking crowd. We played a couple of funny games. Blow the dingdong (these balloons I had bought were so hard to blow up – so if you blew yours up first, you won a prize)…and dingdong trivia . OK, I know I didn’t use the right word for this, but I don’t want porny people googling and finding my site. Ha. Anyway, it was really funny and interesting. All the girls seemed to have a good time. Arianna also got a lot of *cough, cough* nice gifts.

So, we then went to Fourth St. Live, grabbed some food at Zaps!…a little hot dog place around the corner from 4th st. It was very good and the owner was very nice (he gave Arianna a free cheesecake). Anyway, we went back to 4th street and went dancing at Red Cheetah. It was fun, but my feet were killing me (my lace-up shoes do that after a while). Arianna had to do this list of stuff, but quit once she found Jeremy in the crowd. She was so excited to see him and just lit up. It was cute.

Arianna, Jeremy, Molly, and I went back to the hotel and slept. It was all good. We had fun hanging out and being silly with the balloons. Ha ha. OK, here comes the crappy part. I had put a box of stuff that I had brought up to the room for Arianna for the wedding in the closet. It contained my nice wine glasses (my sisters gave me a very swell crystal set for my 21st b-day, so it had sentimental value). It also contained my camera charger, some thank you notes for Arianna, and her jewelry that I had made for her. Well, I def. had it in there cause after we got back from 4th St, I gave Arianna a photo out of it. Well, when we left I forgot it in the closet. I realized it about an hour later when I was out with Molly and her boyfriend’s sister, Janie. Well, we continued shopping and when Molly went to drop me off at my car at her parent’s house, I called. They told me that the room had been cleaned and that nothing was found. I called again to clarify and the lady said again, that all the lost and found items would have been put in the lost and found box. Well, I knew that I had not taken that box with us and that it should have been there…so I went to the hotel and asked the desk worker to see the room myself. She gave me a key and it was not there! I am just really disappointed and upset about it. It contained those glasses that I wanted to let Arianna use for her toast, and that is what upsetted me most of all. I really do think one of the housekeepers stole them. There is really no other explanation for it. Arianna and Jeremy did not take it and Molly and I did not take it and it had been there! I just can’t believe someone would do that, but they did. I just have to deal with it, but I am disappointed.

All in all, it was a great weekend. I wish it hadn’t ended the way it did, but you live, and you learn. I guess next time I will double check everywhere! You better believe I will. Golly, this is like my longest blog ever! If you are still hangin’ in there, I totally apologize for all the ranting, but I had to get the stuff of my chest. Hope everyone has a great week.


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