Self Portrait Challenge – Pop Art #2

Imagine me, the perilous leader of pop culture…anytime someone is in quick need of an answer I zap them with pop culture knowledge. Need to know what stars are going to be on the upcoming “Dancing with the Stars”?….ZAP…Mario Lopez and Harry Hamlin. Need to know who Paris Hilton is dating today?….ZAP….Stavros Niarchos…again (though this may change tomorrow, but you better believe Pop Culture Girl is on it).

Well, to tell you the truth…I took about 40 photos and when I saw this one, I was like, “That’s it!” Of course, I use discretion when I take the photos. You’re prob. not going to find too many double-chin pics of me up here on the net. That is just plain down-right embarrassing for me, though for others, no big deal. I applaud them for being able to be 100% authentic, but a little chin pushed forward and right angle, never hurt anyone.


  1. says

    Harry Hamlin, really? I find that fascinating given the Lisa Rinna connection…guess they had a good time or something. I love this photo. I have to laugh at this post because I recently took a bunch of pics of me laying down and was HORRIFIED at the double chin effect.

  2. says

    This is truly pathetic but once I actually photoshopped some extra hair around my face to hide my double chin. Pretty ridiculous, but it worked.

    I could see Mario Lopez working it on Dancing with the Stars. But does this mean the world will be subjected to “Team Hamlin” t-shirts when he and/or Lisa Rinna make any public appearances? I thought the fact that you could buy a “Team Rinna” shirts was a little much.

  3. Anonymous says

    Bwaaahahahaha! Yeah, I am totally self conscious about the double-chin thing. I have taken photos in some of the most rediculous poses imagineable so there’d be no chance of a double-chin. A scarf draped across my face. My arm “covering my mouth” (read: hiding the possibility of extra chin). Upside down photos… -x- Carey

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