Self Portrait Challenge – Pop Art #4

So, here is it. My final pop-art challenge for June. I feel like this is a change (a little) for me out of my comfort zone color-wise. I really sometimes have a hard time adapting to colors that don’t naturally flow together, but I forced myself this time to just deal with colors that didn’t necc. please my eye right away.

This one has to do with me just feeling confused and trying to find myself and where I want to go. I think the question mark may be a bit cliche, but I think it really symbolizes me right now. Confused about life, career, relationships, where I am and what I am doing right now in this moment. And that’s ok. Sometimes it feels like I am evolving, other times spinning around in circles and to me, sometimes a circle is just the best thing to represent that. What goes around comes around, my life spinning out of control, why I keep coming back to things, that kind of representation.

I was influenced by Jasper Johns here and I also think the symmetry goes back to Robert Indiana, too (I actually saw a Robert Indiana show at Indiana State University once). I am so drawn to symmetry. I guess maybe cause I like order in my life in terms of I don’t like to be out of control and I don’t like feeling out of balance. But the funny thing is, I sometimes am a mess anyway, but aren’t we all from time to time?


  1. says

    I love it.

    I feel that way a lot lately, too. It’s disconcerting, even though I know that it’s ok. That everyone feels that same way sometimes.

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