Smooth Operator

Someone gave me a stuffed animal that dances to Smooth Operator. Actually, it was fished outta the trash of someone at work who is leaving, so I don’t know what to think about that, but it is the funniest little thing. I think it is a chipmunk or something. Random!

I spent most of the night talking w/ and to Arianna about her upcoming shower. It is going to be fun, but some work. So, I think I know what I’m going to be doing in the next couple of weeks 🙂

Random things not really worth noting, but I’m going to note anyway…

– Someone gave me a Mountain Dew Code Red today. OMG! It was so freakin’ sweet I could only drink a third of it. I’ve had them before, but that was just too much sugar!

-My water is again cold. I called maintanence and once again, they came to fix (now I’m assuming this), but it is still cold. Argh!

-Something leaked in the bottom of my toiletry bag from vacay. I hate when that happens. I think it is lotion.

-We have to scan an ID badge now at work, so my lateness will prob. go noticed. Yippee for me. I will have to start going to bed earlier (tonight isn’t a good night to start – since it is going on 11:15 and I’m still typing in my blog).

-I didn’t watch a lick of TV tonight. But I didn’t exercise, either. So what does this say about the beginning of my summer?

-My apt. pool is officially open. Any takers?

-I have been anticipating a new People and US Weekly covering American Idol for the past 5 days. Been checkin’ in at the grocery/gas stations, etc. but still no magazine with all my pop culture tidbits. BOO!


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    I’m glad you’re back from vacation–I love reading your blog. Your take on life is quirky and cool. Glad you had fun at the beach!

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