Click here to see my page I did tonight (was too exhausted to post it like I normally do.
Tonight’s page

My SP was picked onSPC Challenge. Cool, huh? Anyway, I was a bit more excited about the one I did the week before, but with the confusion of the last Tuesday in May being on the edge of the month, I posted it I think on May 31st (when the challenge was supposed to be for the first week in June). Anyway, no biggie. I’m still excited to be recognized.

Tonight I watched “Gameshow Marathon” on CBS. Basically, they are taking a lot of the old shows and having celebrities play them for charity. It’s actually a lot of fun. They play a new game each week. Tonight was “Beat the Clock”. I never had seen it. After watching the show, I have to say this one thing: Whoever decided to fire Paige Davis from Trading Spaces was an idiot. She is so bubbly and fun and a ball of energy…she made that show (ok, Ty helped too). I never watch it anymore. C’est la vie.

I need to start getting out. While I love scrapping and being crafty, it is kinda one of those things where I hole myself up in my apartment. A nice evening walk would work wonders for me.

My mom sent me a cd today of pics from our trip and a cd of images of Brocko and Tay when they were smaller. I had forgotten how cute Brocko was as a little, little boy. He was so adorable. I understand now why I doted on him so much. Cutest little blonde-haired boy on the planet, if you ask me. I also saw a pic on there that I studied for quite a while of myself. I prob. weighed 30 pounds less in it. It was crazy. You don’t realize how much weight you have gained until you see your former self. Kinda depressing.

I am ready to throw that “Smooth Operator” stuffed fox in the trash that I mentioned a few days ago. I have that song stuck in my head now. I guess I can understand now why it was thrown in the trash in the first place.


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