The trouble with shopping

Shopping frustrates me. I went tonight and found no dress to wear for Arianna’s wedding. Actually, I have 2 weddings this weekend. My cousin, Suzanne is getting married on Sat. So, I don’t know – I guess I’ll have to wear the same ol’ black dress with ribbon sash both days. Black is good most times, but I feel that maybe it is a little depressing, but I don’t have time to find anything now.

I tried on several dresses. The last one was a cute little green/brown/jade/black patterned number. The donut on the top of the hanger said large, so I tried it on. I didn’t quite understand how it worked. To me, it looked a little like a shorter version of the J-Lo dress (you know which one I’m talking about. I loved the bottom, but the top had me busting out. I thought, well, I guess this is TJ Maxx and they have designerish dresses you find in bigger cities. As I took it off, I realized it said size 4. No wonder it was too small in the chest. Ha. I liked everything else about it, but nope, they didn’t have it in my size.

It seems like everything I try on accentuates my big stomach, and that is not cool. I mean, I tried on a couple of things that were ok (another black dress that fit ok – but I can’t get another little black dress for an outdoor wedding!?!). I really hate trying stuff on. THe thing I hate the most is when you get something on that is too small for you and you can’t get out of it. Just getting out of it without tearing it up is a workout. I hate that.

So, Arianna is getting married tomorrow. It is an outside ceremony. I still have to finish up the earrings for the bridesmaids. It is coming down to the wire, but I’ll get it done. I also have to make a signing board with a few pics of it on there. I would take a picture of it finished for you, but I can’t charge my camera (I’m bummed about this). Darn housekeeping!

Well, off to work and get packin’. Ugh, I am so tired!!!


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