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I love my cat. She’s a simple little kitty. Very shy, but very sweet. She loves to play with her mouse on a string attached to the office door, my fake cherries (she jumps up on the counter and gets them), fake flowers, tiny straw hats (for dolls), and foam stamps….anything she can cup in her little paws and make skip around the room. She’s also a peculiar one…she doesn’t get excited about a crawling bug on the floor, she has performance/play anxiety if I start watching her as she plays with her toys, and she is so loveable and cuddly in my bed at night, but by day she’s a freakazoid if I try to pet her.

Yeah, I think if my cat were to be a person, she would be a librarian. The type that is lacking the social skills, but always has a nose in a book. She would occasionally talk to someone about a fascinating book if it interested her, but most times she would keep to herself and her responsibilities.

I love watching her excitement if she sees a bird outside and the abruptness from which she jumps from my bed if she sees a shadow pass by the window. I also love the way she meows when she wants some lovin’. It’s kinda a pathetic and sorrowful meow…then she gets pet and quickly jumps off to do her own thing. She’s independant like that.

Her belly is large and she has a little head (sometimes I think she is a reflection of me). I think she is a chubby version of the Chat Noir, the old vintage poster. She’s really shiny and her eyes are very piercing. When I first got her, her stare scared the crap out of me (Oh, and on a side note, there have been two occasions where I have literally scared the crap out of her and one occasion of me literally “pissing” her off, and that was on my shirt).

I’m not one of those crazy pet people (you may think I am now, just by posting this blog). I just wanted to talk about how important she is to me and for you to understand me a little better. Despite her shyness and paranoid tendancies, she is such a sweet cat. Warm once you get to know her. And it’s weird, cause I am the only person she is close to. And that’s kinda cool…


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    I like how you thought about what her career would be. We think our cat Abbie, who sounds a lot like Pixie, is undeniably French. She likes her food creamy and plentiful and is quite unconcerned with impressing us. Miles is probably a bumbling detective who usually botches all his cases but makes up for it by being really sweet.

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