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Another day, another day filled with too much sleep and grogginess. I did get up and at ’em around 4. I was quite proud of myself…I woke up at 10 on Sat. (I had plans with my bro who was in town – we ate breakfast at Ramsey’s…best pancakes ever btw).

This is what I did after 4…

-Pit stop at Starbucks…the guy behind the counter could not hear. He gave me the wrong pastry, then he thought I said Caramel Mocha when I just had said Mocha (he was a little older, so I’ll pardon him a bit). I had to try out two spots to sit before I finally settled on a cozy corner booth. When I go to places like Starbucks I like to be comfortable, naturally, and I want to enjoy the atmosphere. Little tables and window seats tend to not do that for me. Anyway, I read my Bust magazine. For those of you who don’t know what Bust magazine is, it is a DIY/Fashion/Craftista/Subversive type magazine and I love it. I first read it last month at Carey’s mom’s house and it was just so smartly written and funny. There was an article in there, that if I had better and wittier writing skills, it would have been something I would have written about…it was all about the desire to buy Real Simple magazine and pretend we have it together, when in fact, we really don’t. Something so calming and soothing about Real Simple, something just lures me to it. It was such a funny article.

Anyway, stopped at Michael’s afterward (eh, wasn’t really in a Michael’s mood). Slipped outta there and went to Payless. Ever since I saw those cute shoes in their commercial, I wanted to go. Well…they have some of the cutest wedge/chunk round toed shoes I’ve seen in a while. I loved a pair of denim and brown wedge chunkers I tried on (had a little opening at the toe). They were too cute, but I have such a hard time rationalizing buying those shoes, when I have nothing to wear them with (I’m sure I do have something to wear with them, I’m just not that great at putting them together).

After Payless, stopped by Hallmark. I just love the humour in those cards. It is def. a feel good to go in there. My favorite are the Hallmark Expressions line and Shoebox line. If you haven’t had the chance, Wal-mart stores that sell Hallmark have some of the cutest cards in there, so you will have to go check them out. I found that the Wal-mart stores had cuter cards than some than some of the privately owned Hallmark Stores. Go figure.

Went to TJMaxx next. I really want a black and white big striped shirt, but I went at the dreaded time 15 minutes before close, so I didn’t have a chance to look. I really feel like I need to write down and organize some clothes I want so that I can go scout them out.

Then, to Kroger I went. I always start off just getting a couple of things and before I know it, at KRoger my cart is loaded with stuff I didn’t really intend to get. Ugh. Oh, well, I always think I do pretty well value shopping. It’s just making sure I eat what I buy. On numerous occasions, I buy something like milk, eggs, lettuce, bread, etc. and it sits and goes bad in my fridge. I have a hard time making food for just me. I used to be better, but these days, I’ve gotten down-right lazy (Darn crafts). I forgot milk, so I had to go back in and get that, then on my way home, I forgot eggs, so I had to stop at a different Kroger. I guess it’s a good thing, I didn’t have anything planned. Oh, well.

Now back home, gonna make me some Jiffy cornbread and beef stew (Yummm). I love that combo, even if it isn’t the healthiest. Jiffy Cornbread is the best, thought I usually have to throw most of it out (2nd day cornbread, mashed potatoes, and chicken tenders, for that matter, are just not good…I’m so weird about my food and textures). I guess it comes down to my Mom force feeding me leftovers. Still have anxiety over leftovers.

Well, gonna get cleanin’, dinner makin’, TV watchin’ (Girls next Door LOL)), and craftin’. I am going to have a scrapbook night next Friday night, so I want to get a heads up, so I won’t be too rushed the day before. I think I’m going to make fresh rice krispie treats – haven’t done that in a while.


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