So, VH1 totally buzzkilled the suspense for the week in the World Series of Pop Culture. At the end of the show, they said that you would have to wait until next week to see who won, but then in the credits they said, “Wait till next week when Team A and Team B square off (not their real names LOL)”. How lameola is that. I am kinda bummed that the Velvet Rope Revolution is out. Dave is really hot and witty. You can just tell he’s a funny guy who tries to play serious. There’s also a guy on there that looks just like my friend Jeff. It’s weird when you see someone that looks totally like someone you know. It was that way with a guy I had a crush on before I left for college…Ahhhhhh…Bobby…I watched Clueless over and over cause Paul Rudd looked just like him. Good times, good times.

I have lost my ID badge to get into work. I guess I will have to pilfer through my dirty clothes to see if it is clipped on anything. Bummer. I am so bad with keeping up with shiznit like that. I did ok – I had it for two months without losing it (I never could keep up with my JCPenney tag back in the day)…I should prob. clip it to my purse for good measure. I hope I find it, cause if I don’t, I have to keep following someone in who opens the door or get in the illegal way (by pushing a button through this little window – we are not supposed to do this). If I got caught by the right person, I’d prob. get chewed out.

DO you know what is kinda creepy? A couple nights ago, I was watching TV and they had footage of a murder scene from a couple of years ago…well, it was about the murder that happened at the apartment community I live in now and it happened right across from my complex (prob. in the apt. in front of where I park my car). Creepy, huh? I mean, it’s just a space. I wonder if they rent it out. It reminds me of the house up the road from mine (growing up) that had a shooting incident (I think two guys were playing Russian Roulette), and we came upon the scene of the police and ambulances late at night after it happened. My dad helped bring the guy down the steep steps in front of the house. Later, a friend of mine who lived ther, that I rode the bus with, asked me if someone had been shot in the house. I told her what I mentioned above and she was totally creeped out. She said that her mom kept the TV stand in a certain spot cause of a blood stain. That would TOTALLY creep me out.

I put some new designs up on my cafe press site. I wanted to do a Project Runway section. I need to update it now. I started tonight, but I’ll get back to it in the next couple of days. I also plan on adding some cute knitting bumper stickers. I sell several of the ones I have on there, so I figure if I put some cuter phrases on there (the same ones I put on buttons that sell a lot), then I could hopefully generate some more sales for myself…they say:

Will Work For Yarn, I Knit, Therefore I ROck, and Caution: This car makes frequent stops at knitting stores.

I’ll guess I’ll have to wait to see how I do with them.


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    Hey – love your cafe press stuff! Just ordered a tote bag and emailed my friend the http for your knitting stuff – Thanks for the cool stuff.

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