More random thoughts

– I miss my digital camera so much. I used to be able to just charge it up, shoot a pic, and post. Good news, though. A new charger (via Ebay) should be on the way soon, so I can charge my battery (Yes, I did say charge my battery…sounds kinda funny).

– I’m so happy that tomorrow is Friday! I am looking forward to wearing jeans and totally bumming out. See, a lot of my other co-workers wear jeans, even though they aren’t supposed to. I think they have just been retaliating for a lot of hard work and no compensation. I guess everyone has to have their little way of retaliation (mine’s arriving to work 5 minutes late).

– Had Pizza Hut buffet today. There was no thin crust (which is my favorite – only unless you count the thin crust pizza with jalepeno’s – yuck!). There’s a lady there who is named Priscilla after Elvis’s Priscilla…you know me, I just had to ask when I saw her name tag.

– I talked to my niece, Tay tonight. It seems like everytime I talk to her, she has to tell me that something I made for her broke (jewelry, keychain, etc.). Tonight, the first thing she told me was that her googly eye fell off her stuffed heart I made her. Am I a bad aunt for sending my niece defective crafts? Bad, Aunt Pex, bad.

– Talked for 3+ hours to Arianna. We can always pick up where we left off. It was nice talking to her, since I hadn’t had a chance to really talk since the wedding (and even then, you know how it goes…the bride is all over the place talking to everyone, so you don’t get to really “talk”). I always love talking to her. She’s one extra cool chica.

– My cafepress site is totally sucking this month. Only made 2 sales. Last month, I sold $70 worth of stuff. I was so excited. If I could make that every month, I’d be on cloud 9. I think I need to make more stuff for my store, but that isn’t what I want to focus on right now.

Take it easy homies 🙂


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