Self Portrait Challenge – Self Portrait as…#1

So, here’s me illustrated as a USO girl. I like that I can change out my little illustration to be anything I want it to be. I wanted to be a USO girl, because back in WWII, they were what men idolized. I just think hearing about the old USO tours…bringing joy to soldiers who were in the thick of war, is one of the good things that made their life a little more worth living. I know that the USO show is still going on, but war isn’t the same as it used to be. With the technology we have, and our more advanced society, it probably still brings joy, but when a soldier can text message, play a video game, or e-mail a relative, I doubt the interaction means as much.

So, my USO getup is in honor of all those who serve, have served and just the American people in general. Even if you aren’t that patriotic, are pro or anti-war, hopefully it is a day to spend a little more time with friends and family and appreciate the freedoms we have as Americans.


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