Sunday night

I just read a blog of a lady who scrapbooks on a site I post layouts too. Anywho, she wrote today about her husband getting a vasectomy. I think there are some things you just shouldn’t share online.

I watched so much TV today. I love the 70’s marathon, and My Fair Brady, mainly. Gosh, I think Adrienne and Chris are a mess. They are both so childish and filled with drama on both parts. I just wonder with all their drama and conflict if they can make their relationship last. That’s celebreality for ya. Am looking forward to the new season of Flavor of Love. Totally trash TV. Guilty pleasure fo’ sho’.

Totally diggin’ the new J. Mayer song. Sometimes when I like a song, I play it over and over. I used to do this with new singles I got as a kid, too. It’s the song on my myspace page, so I’m sure I’ll play it to death and then it will be played on the radio to death and I’ll eventually get sick out. That’s how that “Bad Day” song went.

Really disconnected today. Hmm…I kinda wonder if I left my phone somewhere. No one called. I have been known to leave my phone in my car and miss a whole bunch of calls and feel all sorry for myself, thinking I’m a total bore, when, in fact, I had been invited to do something, I just didn’t know about it till the next morning when I found my phone in my car. I think I’m crazy, naturally.

Aww man, can’t believe it is already Sunday night. I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. I’m feeling kinda like I need a vacation, but I guess I’ll have to take what I can get for now. I really want to plan something fun. I feel like I need to get out and explore outside of my little realm. Learn a new place and something about myself.

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