Super Saturday

Feelin’ kinda drained at the moment. Did the whole Louisville trip last night and stayed up till 5 in the mornin’. What was I thinkin’?? Had a great time, though, me and T…first we went to Elmo’s (the jury is still out on this place), but went to support Tyler’s DJing (creates/DJ’s his own music on two Macs – sweet). That was at 10pm till 11pm, so not long at all and the crowd hadn’t filtered in. Stayed a little longer, and headed out to 4th street. I was hoping Tasha wouldn’t be bored – just me and her, but she is really up for anything and is a good sport. She likes to dance and be silly, just like me, and when I go out to 4th street, I like to feel out the place and if it is cool, we stay and hang out – if not, we go onto the next place. We ended up mainly at Red Cheetah. It was fun. Did our usual goofy dancing. We kept seeing this same guy who would always do this silly dance and look at us when he saw us. Cracked me up. We also hang out with a guy we met, Van, and his friend (his friend didn’t talk very much, so I totally can’t remember his name – LOL). Van was super nice and really funny. He even did the robot with us 🙂 Closed the place down, went to the Waffle Steak (the same as Waffle House with a weird odor, stoned waiter, and random chicks walking around barefoot – yuck!)

OK, I sometimes don’t know when to start a new paragraph, so here’s a new one anyway. We stayed at Molly’s (super grateful for a free place to stay). Got up, got going and went to Starbucks (the banana chocolate chip coffee cake – so good!). Went to Dee’s. I love that place. I can spend hour upon hour in there. They have so much great scrapbooking stuff and beading stuff. I did get the new Elsie Flannigan’s book…love it. This girl is just so cool and ahead of her time trend-wise (her husband and her wore a duck tape suit and dress to her Senior Prom in 2000). Gotta give her props, where props are due. I didn’t see that on TV till 2004 (MTV’s Made). Anyway, after Dee’s went to Lynn’s. I think Tasha totally appreciated it and I’m glad. I think Lynn’s Paradise Cafe is on those unique places that make Louisville that much cooler. Also checked out Regalo, too.

So, the moral of this story is…don’t write neverending paragraphs and have lots of fun dancing, talking, laughing, and eating with your. That’s my recipe for a fun day.


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